Auto Friend Adding Machine

Auto Friend Adding Machine 2.0

Search for new friends, add them automatically, Message and Comment old friends
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Teknowebworks LLC

Search for new myspace friends based on a search phrase, searching for common interests such as "Hip Hop", "Import Cars", or by another persons friend list, or stats such as age sex and location and add them automatically. For better conversion, message friends before adding them. Message your old friends autoamtically. Auto comment friends with TXT or HTML depending on their preference. Auto Approve Friends and Comment them automatically when the program starts. Post bulletins every x amount of minutes. Program has options to skp people who don't accept bands. Program also allows options to slow down the process, that way you are not spamming the myspace system. This is not a spamming tool. 3Day Free Trial, $8 full version with unlimited updates.

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